Sensational Books at the Bodleian

The Pond at Deuchar hand scroll, 2011, Sensational Books, 2022, Bodleian Library.


Shifting Borders: a Journey to the Centre of our World(s), Brotherton Library, Leeds.


Sensational Books, Bodleian Library, Oxford May - December 2022

October. An Incomplete History of Printed Matter's Art Book Fairs, Hauser & Worth, New York.

Demarco Art Foundation exhibition at Summerhall, Edinburgh Festival.

Sensational Books at the Bodleian

New Arrivals, Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh. 2021/22

2021/22 New Arrivals from Salvador Dali to Jenny Saville, Modern 1, Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh.


Printed Matter's Virtual Art Book Fair, NY 25th-28th February, 2021.
SETTINGS, Val Menon | Helen Douglas, Burnside Gallery, Selkirk, June.
New Arrivals: From Salvador Dalí to Jenny Saville, Modern One, National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh, November - 2022.


From the Vault, Brizdle-Schoenberg Special Collections Center, Sarasota, USA.


Helen Douglas: Flow across the Page. Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, Feb 2019.

Flow across the Page. Fruitmarket Gallery, Feb 2019

Flow across the Page. Fruitmarket Gallery, Feb 2019.



Helen Douglas at Printed Matter Exhibition

Helen Douglas talking about her work at Printed Matter Inc, New York, 2018.

Printed Matter Exhibition

Exhibition at Printed Matter Inc, New York, 2018.

Weproductions: Telfer Stokes ♦ Helen Douglas, a retrospective at Printed Matter Inc, New York, curated by Helen Douglas. May 11th/June 30th. PDF notes and listing of exhibits.

Guest Exhibitor, Friends with Books: Art Book Fair Berlin at Hamburger Bahnhof, Staatlich Museen zu Berlin, Oct 18-20, 2018.


Figuring Space in REFLECTIONS: Glass: Water: Science: Art, as part of the Year of Architecture curated by Inge Panneels, The Haining, Selkirk April/May

Paint Her to Your Own Mind, Page 147, Shandy Hall, Coxwold, July/Sept, travelling to Constanting Gallery, Teeside University and Model Gallery, Leeds.


bound/unbound, DM Contemporary, New York, Nov/Dec 2015.

In Peril On The Sea: Sailing Ships, Stormy Seas. Curated by Clive Phillpot, Chelsea Space, UAL, London, Jan - March 2015


Le Pas et la Page: approaches de la nature dans le livre d'artiste. Curated by Ann Moeglin-Delcroix, Musee Gassendi, France. April - September 2014
Artist's Book, Russia, United Kingdom, Tsaritsyno State Historical, Architectural, Art and Landscape Museum-Reserve, Moscow, March - May 2014, Travelling until 2015.
Of Green Leaf Bird and Flower: Artists' Books and the Natural World, Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, curated by Elisabeth Fairman, May - August 2014. Accompanying book ISBN 978 0 300 20424 7


Borders & Crossings: The Book Artist as Explorer, curated by David Faithfull, Impact 8 International Conference, Dundee 28th August-1st Sept 2013
A book is a Performance, VCR at Dundee Contemporary Arts, April - May 2013, curated by Lisa Otty & Sophia Hao.
Casting the Net: Coast to Inland, Selkirk and Eyemouth, March - April 2013, curated by Helen Douglas & Keith Alexander.
Booklet 2013


Weproductions books by Helen Douglas, Transforming Artists Books, AHRC, display Tate Library, March 2012.
Reflective Histories: Contemporary Art Interventions at Traquair, Traquair House, Scottish Borders June - Sept 2012, curated by Edinburgh Printmakers, Catalogue essay by Ruth Pelzer. ISBN 978 0 9541530 5 2.
The Sense of Place in Artists Books, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Autumn 2012, curated by Sarah Bodman.
Drop Me A Line, Laure Genillard Gallery, Sept - Nov 2012, curated by Clive Phillpot.


Poetry Beyond Text: Vision, Text + Cognition, Cooper Gallery, Visual Research Centre, Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre, Dundee, curated by Mary Modeen. Catalogue essay, March 2011. Touring to Scottish Poetry Library (May), The Royal Scottish Academy, December 2011.
A Visual Journey through the Artist's book and Zines, The Hartley Library, University of Southampton, March 2011.
The Making of A Venetian Brocade, Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venice, April, coinciding with Piccola Fiera Internazionale del Libro d'Artista, Venezia 1/2 April 2011.
The Emblem of my Work, Shandy Hall, Lawrence Sterne Trust, September 2011. HD one of 169 invited contributors.


"The Place of Interest", Limfjordscenter, Doverodde Book Art Festival, May 2010, travelling to Grafik Galleri, Naested International Literature Festival, August 2010.
"Six Significant Landscapes", Galleria il Sotoportego, Venice, curated by Kaitlin McDonough, June 2010.
"Small", The Scottish Poetry Library, Sept 2010.
Weproductions: exhibiting at the following Art Book Festivals/Fairs:
Sept 3rd- 5th MISS READ artist book festival, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin.
Sept 23rd - 26th The London Art Book Fair, Whitechapel Gallery.
Nov 4th - 7th The New York Art Book Fair, PS1.
Nov 12th - 13th The Small Publishers Fair, Conway Hall, London.


Artists' Books: The Scottish Contribution, Keiller Library, Dean Gallery, NG of Scotland, curated by Ann Simpson. March - June 2009.
"Makeready, Choke, Bleed and Knockout", exhibition of Artist Printers on Offset presses, Chicago, curated by Tony White (Indiana University). "Place, Identity & Memory", Gracefield Art Centre, Dumfries, curated by Iris group. May/June 2009. Touring.
"Inkubator2: Artists Books, Prints & Multiples", Durham Art Galleries, curated by David Faithfull. Sept/Oct 2009.
"Art of the Fold: Accordion Publications", University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, USA, August - October 2009.
"The Black Page", Shandy Hall Gallery, Sept 2009. Helen Douglas one of 73 invited artists/writers contributors


2008 "Artists Books by Helen Douglas", Edinburgh College of Art Library. curated by Jane Furness.


"Special Collections", (commissioned book) Leeds University, Feb 2007.
Inkubator; An exhibition of Artists Books, Prints and Multiples curated by David Faithfull, Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop, April 2007.
"Publications from Matisse to the XX1 Century", The Museum of Art & History, Taipei, Taiwan, June 2007.
"Artists Books", Porteous Brae Gallery, Orkney, August 2007.
"Helen Douglas: Books & Prints", Penicuik Arts Gallery, Dec 2007.


Eye on Europe: Prints, Books & Multiples 1960 to Now, MOMA, New York, October - Nov 2006.
Changing Horizons: artists & publishers, curated by Johan Deumens, De Vishal, Harlem, April-May 2006.
Contemporary artists' books: Royal Birmingham Society of Arts, curate by Sarah Bodman, April-May 2006.
Eye on Europe: Prints, Books & Multiples 1960 - Now, MOMA, New York, Autumn 2006.
Changing Horizons: artists & publishers, curated by Johan Deumens, De Vishal, Harlem, April-May 2006.
Contemporary artists' books, Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, curated by Sarah Bodman, April-May 2006.


2005 Kiosk - Modes of Multiplication, curated by Christoph Keller, Revolver, presented at Kunst Werke, Berlin, Istanbul Biennial, Sept, ICA, London, December, 2005. Touring until 2007, Auckland, New Zealand. Vancover, Canada. San Francisco MOMA, USA.
Weproductions. Featured Publisher, Bookshop, Arnolfini Gallery, September 2005.
By leaves we live: small presses and artists' books at Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh, September 2005.
Vinyl Bookroom, project for installation, organized by Coracle Press.Cork. 30 Years of Innovation: A Survey Exhibition History at The Center for Book Arts 1974-2004, curated by Jae Rossman. April- June 2005.
Arcadia id Est: Artists' books, nature and the landscape, curated by Sarah Bodman, UWE Bristol. Launched at Trace Gallery, Dorset. May 2005. Touring until 2007, UK, Australia, USA, Netherlands, Cypress, Helsinki.
Artists' Books: Country Life, The Winchester Gallery, April/May 2005.


Seoul International Book Arts Fair, Guest Exhibitors, June 2004.


(re)Readings: Artists' Books Now: at Lux Gallery: San Francisco: Selected by Kathy Walkup
Weproductions: Reading Room XVII: Contemporary Artists' Books at Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax. April-June
Outside of a dog: Paperbacks & other books by artists curated by Clive Phillpot: Baltic Contemporary Art Centre, Newcastle. 2003-4.
Et toi tu l'appelles coquelicot parce que c'est plus vite fane: Exhibition of books curated by Pays Paysage in colaboration with Galerie Stredoevropska & Institute Français in Prague at Biblioteque Nationale, Prague.


BOOKS from Weproductions at Britism, Westbourne Grove, London.
'Weproductions' an exhibition of all the books at Librarie Mollat, Bordeaux, France.
'L'affermazione dell' occhio', an exhibition of the books in Rocca Malatestiana in Montefiore Rocca, Italy, as part of the celebration of the Adrian Stokes centenary.
Art of the Book : Edinburgh International Book Festival, curated by Elizabeth McLean & Marc Lambert in association with The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh. 10 Aug
'Weproductions' An Exhibition of the books at the Ecole Regional des Beaux-Arts in Nantes, France.


Artists' Books during the "Art & Soul" festival at The Golden Hind Bookshop, Deal, Kent
In-Print, the evolution of Printmaking at Ferens Art Gallery, Hull Catalogue essay, Reading the future: Contemporary Artist Books, Sarah Bodman.
The Strength of Collections, exhibition from The University of the Arts at Rosenwald-WoIf Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Unravelling The Ripple, exhibition of the book co-published by Pocketbooks at An Tuireann Art Centre, Portree, Isle of Sky, Nov.


Repetivity, Platforms & approaches for publishing, exhibition of all the books, selected by Simon Cutts & Colin Sachet for Plymouth Arts Centre. Catalogue statement, Feb/March
Artist's Books Johan Deumens at Phoebus, Rotterdam.
Sum of the Parts, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh
06. Weproductions, A Retrospective, Centre for Artist Books, VRC, Dundee. April-July
Volumes (of Vulnerability), Stand Point Gallery, touring to Dean Clough Gallery, Museum Ksiazki Artystycznej, Lodz Poland, San Francisco Centre for the BookUSA, Lopdell House Gallery, Auckland, NZ, Buchgalerie Megrmeier, Germany, Hull Time Based Arts, University of Vermont, USA Louisiana State University, USA.
Inside Cover: Twenty Books for the Millennium, The London Print Workshop, Dean Clough Galleries, Edinburgh City Library.


James Joyce's Typwrighter and other stories: Books at the London Institute, May 1999.
Experimental narrative and Artists' Books, Foster Hall Gallery, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Sept 1999.
Books by Artists, University of West of England, Sept 1999.
A Book Is Not A Book Is Not A Book, Joan Flasch Artist's book Collection, The School of Art Chicago, Betty Rymer Gallery, Chicago.
0.1. Primer, Artist's Books, Visual Research Centre at DCA, Dundee, Curated by Alex Finlay.
Biennale 1999, Centre de Livre d'Artiste. Saint-Yrieux-la-Perche, France. Curated by Didier Mathieu.


Re-thinking Artists' Books, University Art Gallery, Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI
Book as Art, Exhibition by Andrew Bick, Cheltenham Festival of Literature
Atelier Vis-a-Vis, Marseille, France, Oct '98.
Artist/Author, Contemporary Artist Books: Exhibition curated by Cornellia Lauf and Olive Phillpot , Weatherspoon Art Gallery, Greenboro, Feb '98, Touring to MCA Chicago Nov '98, Museum van Hededaagse Kunst, Gent, Belgium , Aug '00
Sale or Return: Exhibition of art works that may be seen or heard in a bookshop, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, March '98
Turn Up the Page, Artists Books of the Nineties, curated by Helen Frederick, Director of Pyramid Atlantic at Montpelier Arts Center, MD.


Livres d' Artistes l'invention d'un Genre 1960-80 : Galerie Mansart, Biblioteque National de France, Paris, May '97
Reading Room: Catalyst Arts, Belfast
Artists Books, Sequence and Narrative: Exhibition curated by Norma Rosso at The Winchester Art Gallery, Winchester, Sept '97, Southern Arts Touring Exhibition '98
Showcase of the books at Camberwell College of Art for The Art of the Book 1960- 1997, Nov '97
Sampling the Visible: Exhibition from the Library of University College London curated by Jeffrey Soar, Nov '97


The Garden: Touring Show from Hardware Gallery
British Artist Books: Art '96, Design Center


Water on the Border: Crawford Art Center, St Andrews
Wexford Artist Book Exhibition: Touring to National Library, Dublin
Artist Books : Tate Gallery, London
Bought to Book: Collins Gallery, Glasgow


Offset: Touring to Minnesota Center for Book Arts Minn, & Pyramid Atlantic Washington DC
Looking at Words, Reading Pictiures : Artists' publications from the UK. Hardware Gallery, London
Water on the Border: Robson Gallery, Selkirk and Edinburgh College of Art.
Mapping Knowledge, Visions of Bookness: EXHIBITION OF ALL THE BOOKS, the Minories, Colchester. Catalogue statement. Curated by Les Bicknell


Edinburgh Open: Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh.


Exhibition of all the books: Nigel Greenwood Gallery, London, curated by Ann Gallagher, June '87.


Paradise & Purgatory: Metropolitan Museum Library, NY.


Livre d' Artistes, Collection Semaphore: Centre George Pompidou, Paris curated by Anne Moeglin - Delcroix.


Offset: A Survey of Artists' books. Curated by Gary Richman. Catalogue New England Foundation For The Arts, Inc. ISBN - O - 91426 - 579. Touring book show.
What are you waiting for: Seattle, Washington. June '84. Catalogue essay Contemporary Artists Rediscover The Book. Clive Phillpot.


AB: Touring exhibition of Artists Books, curated by Maurtizio Nannuncio.


From Bookworks to Mailworks: Exhibition Curated by Ulyses Carrion, Amsterdam, Holland.


Bookworks: MOMA, NY. Catalogue Essay, Clive Phillpot.


Artist Books: Exhibition curated by Martin Attwood for The Arts Council of Great Britain. Catalogue Essay, Book Art Digressions by Clive Phillpot. ISBN 0 - 7287 - 0089 - 1.


Artists' Bookworks: British Council Travelling Exhibition in English & German arranged by Martin Atwood. Catalogue Essay, Bookart - Object and Image, Clive Phillpot.


Book as Artwork: Nigel Greenwood Gallery, London.