The Pond at Deuchar

Instructions for The Pond at Deuchar:

Click on the link and then on the fine strip. Repeatedly click on this and eventually the scroll enlarges, which works on various devices/computers including iphone and iPad.

For text by Clive Phillpot and Credits see tool bar to left of screen.


Helen Douglas, The Pond at Deuchar E-Scroll, Published by Tate, 2013. Postscript essay by Clive Phillpot.
See: http://helendouglas.onlineculture.co.uk/ttp/ttp.html

The Pond at Deuchar was conceived by Helen Douglas for both digital print and as an e-scroll. Tate Research funded the initial e-scroll prototype for the iPad in their joint research with University of the Arts Research investigating the Artist book and the Digital Transforming Artist Books. The software for this e-scroll publication was developed by Armadillo Systems, and additional funding for realizing this work was received from The South of Scotland Visual Artist Awards.

Clive Phillpot writes:

This is an original art publication made for the iPad. Scroll, glide and plumb the depths of Helen Douglas's The Pond at Deuchar, exploring with your fingers and eyes this long unfolding artwork showing the multitude of life at the fringes of a pond.

As you move past frog and toads you encounter arabesques of toad spawn, squiggles of tadpoles and other denizens of the pond. Plants embroider the edge and, intermingling with reflections, weave from below to the surface of the water and screen. All contribute to a dance of light, colour, surface and depth.

Read more about the evolution of this work by Helen Douglas in Clive Phillpot's essay 'Postscript: The Pond at Deuchar E-scroll'. http://helendouglas.onlineculture.co.uk/ttp/ttp.html